99 Mothers is an international network of online mothers groups with a mission to support members through a wonderful but often difficult time of their life.

The name derives from our belief that it takes a village not just to raise children, but to provide support to one another. This support - being able to ask questions and get answers from other parents on any topic - is very important especially for mothers who may not have a strong network.

See below for a full list of cities. If you would like to help start a supportive mothers group in your city please get in touch.

99 Mothers is based in beautiful Sydney Australia, however we believe that a worldwide community of informed and empowered mothers creates benefits for us all.

Our operation is made possible by accepting advertising on the network's websites, Facebook pages and groups. It is simply not possible to successfully run large Facebook groups without paid administrators and many volunteer moderators.

As the number of sponsors and advertisers in each city grows additional member services can be provided. See the list below.

Out of respect for our paying sponsors, self promotion for commercial benefit in the Facebook groups is strictly prohibited. Please support our admins and moderators in this effort by reporting any spam.

If you know a local business who would make a good sponsor please tell them about us.

Services list - made possible by our sponsors and advertisers

1) Professional 24 hour administration of the Facebook groups. While our volunteer moderators do a wonderful job we have found it necessary to have professional admins in each group to consistently keep the peace and make sure each group is both useful (not full of spam) and supportive. Without these amazing admins who are based all over the world the Facebook groups would not be possible.

2) Facilitating the posting of questions anonymously to the Facebook page and group, allowing mothers to access the information they need whilst maintaining their privacy.

3) A family event calendar, helping members to get out and connect with their community and have fun with their family.

4) Articles and reviews of local services, playgrounds, child friendly cafes, walks, beaches, swimming pools and more so that our members can find the best of what they need when they need it.

5) Regular Q&A sessions with local professionals, helping members access the best and most up-to-date information.

6) An Instagram account - to reach members in more places.

7) Real world events which allow mothers to catch up at free events and make friends with other mums who are at similar life stages.

8) Watch this space. We have lots of exciting ideas!

Please support the Facebook group admins and moderators in their work which can be very difficult at times. To cover 24 hours and reduce costs admins and moderators are often based all over the world, not just in your local city. Please be respectful.

Occasionally there may be a male admin allowed in a group to provide technical support. They do not participate in day to day admin of the group.

If you would like to get in touch please contact sharlene@99mothers.com or kim@99mothers.com.
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